Monday, December 15, 2008

Not that bad & brrr.

So last night I weighed & it said I was only up 1/4 lb. That's not bad at all. I may weigh again tonight just to for curiosity.

I'm freezing!!!! It was about 25 degrees this morning here. Eek. The bad part was that it was almost 80 yesterday so I didn't bother to wear my leggings or a long sleeve shirt under my scrubs. When I walked out of the house last night it was in the upper 30's. I didn't have time to run back in & change so I just had to tough it out. I now have on a pair of jogging pants, a long sleeve shirt, & the thickest sweat shirt I own but I'm still freezing. I think I'm going to go put on another pair of socks & maybe my gloves with the finger tips cut out of them. Yes, it is that cold & no, I'm not going to turn my heat up. Archie is snuggled up next to me so that is helping a bit but I really need him on my feet.

I ran again today but really wasn't "feelin' it." I ran for 10 min straight, which is good, but I really wanted to go to 15. That 10 min was tough, though. Then I walked for 5 min & ran for another 5 , then walked for about 2 & ran another 3. I'm not sure if it was the cold or the fact that I'm pretty tired or the 2 days of no exercise. Either way, I did it. I didn't give up & I didn't give in.


kris_tea said...

Sorry, Karla, I accidently deleated your comment. I love the cold weather but I'm sick of it being one day in the upper 70's then the next in the lower 20's. Two days ago it was about 78 & that night it dropped down to 27. Last night it was in the low 20's & it is supposed to be back up in the 70's this weekend. No wonder so many people have the flu & colds right now. :P

jinxxxygirl said...

You did it and thats what matters. I think its probably a combination of the days off and the cold. Glad your scale is behaving. So is mine. I'm up maybe 1/2 a pound and for how bad i've been i can live with that. I baked everyone cookies this year.....oh...boy... but its over and they are all delivered and its back on the wagon. Ran three trail miles yesterday. Always fun. Keep it up Kris tea , hang in there. Your doing great! Jinx