Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movie Review: The Librian: Quest for the Spear

I cannot believe this movie actually made it to "the big screen." It is so much more like a made-for-TV movie for the Sci-Fi Channel. The acting was painfully awkward & so silly it's audience had to be children. I can't believe so many well known actors would stoop so low to do such crap. The one liners could have been the cheesiest ever.

Apparently this is a film about magic & not even close to being like Indiana Jones like it tried to convince people in the previews. I just love being duped. Every scene keeps getting cheesier & stupider.

Why am I sitting here torturing myself? Am I really going to watch the two sequels, too? Did they actually make two more of these jokes? How did they get funding & sponsorship? What I can't believe even more is that my co-worker loves this movie. Is she kidding me? Has she never seen a quality film? Really?

The one redeeming quality was Bob Newhart. He is such a good actor & so funny.

Oh, jeez, can this get any worse?

I get that it was trying to poke fun at movies like Indian Jones & Romancing the Stone, but, really, this was your best shot? Please, please, please, don't waste your time. Find something more fun, like cleaning your toilets or having your teeth cleaned or anything like that. Ugh.


jinxxxygirl said...

HOw funny! I agree with your coworker! LOL! My hubby and i love this video and yes we watched all three! LOL! Although i do agree with you it does not belong on the bigscreen.....To tell you the truth i don't ever remember it on the big screen. We caught it for the first time on video and were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't awful, not great but not awful. Better than the usual Scifi channel fare but not good enough for the big screen, somewhere in the middle...The first movie was the best and the second wasn't bad either , now the latest third movie got worse in our opinion. I guess i just wasn't looking for it to be as good as Indiana Jones i wasn't so disappointed when i watched it......go figure.......jinx

kris_tea said...

LOL How funny, jinxxygirl. I love how everyone enjoys something different. It makes this world interesting. :)