Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weigh In #35

Sorry, I am not going to be publishing my vids here for a while, maybe forever, due to some problems some of my friends have been encountering. Some of them have had their videos posted without their permission on other sites for reasons that they would not approve of, for example, jerks who like to make fun of overweight people. Anyway, as a precaution, I have taken the embedding permission off of my vids. Not that this will really help but it may make it a bit more of a hassle. I will be posting a link to my video, though, so do not despair. LOL

Here are the basic details in case you don't have time or can't watch. :)

Weekly loss: -0.75 lb
Total loss: -58.5 lbs

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I ran for a total of 10 min straight today! At 5 mph that comes out to be about 0.8 miles! Awesome! I've only ran twice in the last month, with the last time being the day before Thanksgiving, so I was really surprised that I could run longer than I ever have in my life. Amazing!


Sparky said...

First off. Great job on the loss.

Second of all, that is HORRIBLE that people would take the videos and use them like that. I have always had a parnoid streak with respect to doing weight loss vlogs. How did the person find out that it had happened? I purposefully never tag my videos except for the G2C tag.

kris_tea said...


I'm not sure about the details of what happened with my friends, but 2 of them have mentioned it. So I'm just being precautions at the time. Good idea about only tagging them as G2C. I didn't think about that. I really don't care if they are making fun of me as long as I don't know about it. LOL