Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weigh In #31

Weekly Loss: -1 lb
Total Loss: -56 lbs

Weight Loss Before & After Pictures, I
Weight Loss Before & After Pictures, II
Yuri, The Great

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triblog carol said...

Great job on your weight loss journey. Any week that you do not gain weight is a successful week in my book, so don't feel bad if you are back to what you were last monday. And no problem about counting that one lbs. I woudl have too! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I have not been keeping w/ all my weight loss buddies' blogs/vlogs but I just wanted to drop in and say you look great! 56 pounds is awesome! Keep it up! :)

kris_tea said...

Thanks, girl. I understand about having trouble keeping up with everyone. I'm having that difficulty too. I hope you're doing well. :)

Paul's Thoughts said...

Hiya Kristy, man I loved one of your transitions in your clip, the one where it moves to a from a picture on the wall to the next, awesome! And speaking of movement, change and spicing things up , I'm thinking I might go for a run “outside” sometime. I mean, my feet haven't hit the payment, errr I mean grass (I like to run on grass, bare feet if I can get away with it) in like forever and a day. My only exercise is biking to work, I had one guy challenge me pretty much to a race on the way home today, it was a crazy cycle mania duel, didn't even know the guy, but it was heaps of fun. So yeah, I guess If I had to choose between the gym and the “outside” I would have to go for the break on out to the outside. Awesome clip Kristy, and as always, looking good.

kris_tea said...

Thanks Paul. I'm experimenting with some new video editing software I just got.

LOL The bike race. Sounds like something we would do as children. That's great.

Thanks again.