Sunday, November 2, 2008

4000 Questions: Question #45: Can you describe your first time left alone at home?

I really don't remember the first time I was left alone. When I was a kid & left for short amounts of time alone, I was usually scared. As I got older, I loved being home alone but my imagination would still run away with me at times. I would start hearing noises & just knew someone was in the house with me. I would usually run outside & sit. I really don't know why I would think I was safer outside but I guess I always thought I could run to a neighbors house if someone tried to "get" me.

The first time I remember being left alone over night by myself was when I was in college & still living with my parents. I had lived on my own in the dorm for about 2 years but being alone, out in the country where no one would hear you if you screamed was a bit different. I was fine all night until it was bed time. Then I locked my bedroom door & slept with our B.B. gun next to my bed. I think I also had a baseball bat too, but I know the gun was there. I really don't know how much damage a B.B. gun would inflict. Not much I'm guessing. And, I probably wouldn't be able to figure the stupid thing out in crisis anyway. I would probably turn it into some sort club. No, in reality, I would probably pass out in fear.

A while after that I spent another night or two by myself. Late that night I decided to watch Resident Evil. As far as scary/horror/monster/zombie movies go, I actually thought this one was quite decent. However, that night, all I could think about was zombies. I'm not one to freak out over movies but there have been some that caused me to loose a little sleep, not because they are super scary or anything but because my imagination dwells on them & then takes off like a speeding train. Really, I can only think of 4 that really caused me a few moments of uneasiness if not an entire night of panic. They are (in chronological order): Jurassic Park, Vampires (which has to be the dumbest & grossest vampire movie ever), Resident Evil, & The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which has to be one of the scariest, most disturbing movies ever...don't get me wrong, I thought it was very good but it is about something quite real versus monsters, which probably aren't that real). And, believe me, if you watch Emily Rose, you will wake up every night at 3 am for the next week. Trust me.

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