Monday, November 24, 2008

Day One...Mission Accomplished...well....kind of

I spent at least two hours going through the clothes on the floor in my closet & on my bed & on the floor in my bed room. I ended up with a huge box & one Old Navy shopping bag full of clothes to take to mom, plus two winter coats & a rain coat. Most of these clothes are too big for her but she knows other people who might want them too. Now my closet looks quite bare & I have a plethora of hangers. I didn't get all of my clothes hung back up but I'm getting there. I did put them in a clothes basket so at least I'll be able to spread out in the bed today. Yay.

I also got the kitchen straightened up a bit. I still need to wipe down the cabinets & find a place for some of my stuff but at least all the dishes are cleaned & the trash was taken out. I really need to go through my cabinets & get rid of the stuff I don't use, but I'll save that for a later date.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing putting away the clothes that are in the laundry basket & attack the clothes in my living room. I also want to change the sheets on my bed. There is nothing like sliding into a made bed with fresh sheets. It feels so luxurious. Obviously I'm not a high maintenance girl. hehe

This is going to take me a long time but a little bit everyday will start to show a big difference soon.

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Karla said...

Don't you just love the feeling of getting organizing and purging! YEAH! I love it! Have a great nights sleep in that bed with *clean* sheets!