Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie Preview: Star Trek XI

Finally we have high quality computer graphics that can give us realistic looking special effects to do Star Trek justice. In the past, the Star Trek label has produced movies & shows that left the younger generations bored. The visual effects did not live up to that topic of space in which we expect over the top special effects. Granted, the original series's did the best they could with what they had back then but finally I am excited about a Star Trek film. Star Trek XI was set to come out on Christmas Day but it has been pushed back to May 8, 2009


Nat said...

I can't wait for this movie. I enjoy Star Trek, lame special effects and all :P I just loooove how they incorporated philosophical and social issues that I and other groups can relate to and understand, in a spacey setting

kris_tea said...

Long live all geeks!!!

Matthew Hardy said...

HEY im geek i guess lol. i like the series and all the movies :P. im looking forward to the movie. and geeks run this world miss tea!