Sunday, October 25, 2009

U.S. Political Parties: Conclusion

Well, thank God that is over. I learned a lot but as you could tell, I got a bit distracted for a little while. I mean, hello, I'm buying a house & moving...geeze. Hehe

For a list of several other political parties in the U.S. check out this Wikipedia page. Some of the are quite interesting like the Marijuana Party, the Christian Socialist Party, the Pirate Party of the United States, etc... LOL

Here is a chart I found that did an overview of the differences in the parties I covered.

From this research, I have decided that I'm somewhere between a Constitutionalist and a Republican. I like the more conservative stance the Constitution Party takes but I disagree with them about pulling out of Iraq & Afghanistan and I also don't really understand their idea on taxation. They don't support a flat tax or sales tax or much of taxation at all. While that would be great, how do you pay for the military? I do support a flat tax but not a sales tax, but then again, I really don't understand much about taxation, I just know that I pay for a lot of crap that our government has no business sticking their noses in not to mention the immoral issues our taxes support.

I do have more ideas for more series I want to do including a series on comparative religions, comparative denominations, basic theology, and a series on heroes in the history of the Church such as John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, etc. Anyone have any opinion on what you would like me to cover first?

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