Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crapcare brought to you by your local Congressman

Well, a healthcare bill has been proposed by the Senate & Obama is sure to sign this text book case of government usurpation.

For one thing, when a Democrat or our President says that this bill will not cover illegal aliens or cover abortion, in the words of Rep. Joe Wilson...the lie! If this bill wasn't going to cover those two cases then why did every amendment that a Republican brought forth to restrict them get voted down every time?

Second, this new bill is going to cut Medicare & increase Medicade. Those who already have insurance, rather provided by their job or purchased personally will notice an increase in the cost.

Medical devices, such as stents, hip replacement hardware, pacemakers, etc... will have a significant taxation. If the insurance you have does not follow exactly what the government is mandating, you will be fined. For example, if your insurance doesn't cover drug or alcohol counseling, you will be fined. Drug & alcohol counseling may sound nice but if you are like me & don't do drugs & may have 5-6 drinks a year, why should I pay extra for such a service?

Government has no business sticking their nose in healthcare. The reform we need for healthcare is for the government to get out of it.

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