Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another change I may be making soon.

I have had DirecTV for the last 5 yrs & I have loved it. I use to have a pretty serious TV addiction but I have broken that in the last couple of years. Now, the only programs I really watch is Monk (this is the last season), Psych, & The Office. I sometimes also watch Life Essentials, a scrapbooking show, & a cooking show on BYU (no, I'm not Mormon but they have some great homemaking shows on there) if they are topics I'm interested in & I'm not doing anything. Other than that, if I just want the TV on, I usually turn it to FOX News. With those exceptions, if I want to watch TV, I usually stream some movie or show from Netflix via my x-box.

Anyway, since I can get most of the programs I really like online or just wait until it comes out on box sets, I can't really validate spending $75 each month. I was seriously considering cancelling my TV completely, even though I would miss FOX News. However, I listen to AFR (American Family Radio) a whole lot & I kept hearing them refer to "SkyAngel" so I decided to research it. SkyAngel is a TV programing service provider like cable or DirecTV or Dish Network but it is provided via the Internet. The thing that separates it from the others is that it is a Christian service &, guess includes FOX News. Also, it is a little over $50 cheaper. I was concerned that it wouldn't be DVR compatible but it will work with TiVo. I'll need to get a TiVo because the one supplied by DirecTV is leased (another negative, in my mind because you have to pay an "up front" fee too). However, TiVo has some refurbished ones for $80 as opposed to a new one for $150.

The Christian programing is a huge benefit. There is so much on TV now days that is not worth viewing. We have become so numb to much of what we see these days. I would one day like to have a family & I know I would not want my children to see 90% of what I see just flipping around the channels so I should get in the habit of analyzing what I watch with discernment now rather than after I have a house full of kids. This kind of programming just takes the thought work out of a lot of it but also removes much of the temptation of watching something that, as a Christian wanting to guard my heart more, has no business watching.

So, what do you think? Any thoughts?

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