Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adventures in Homebuying: The Inspection

Friday morning my Realtor & I met my home inspector at the house for the inspection. The inspector was very nice & open about what he was doing, his findings, his opinions, & patient & thorough in answering my questions.

He was very impressed with the condition of the house especially considering the age of the house (23 yrs). There were only a few minor issues that could be resolved with a trip to Lowes & 20 mins. There was only one issue that would require a quick stop of an electrician & a couple that would require a handyman or daddy.

I've asked the homeowners to fix a couple of the problems that need fixing sooner rather than later & the rest of them I'll fix along the way. Nothing I asked them to fix will cost much money or time & they seem to be pretty miticulous about how well they've kept their home & I doubt they will mind fixing them. We had a storm the night before & a couple of shingles were blown off & there are two cap things that go around the vents in the roof that need replacing. The only other things were some insulation on the refrigerant coolant tubes that are connected to the AC & the shower diverter is stuck in the master bath which means you can only run the shower & not the tube faucet. Two other things I've asked them about are if their sprinkler system has a backflow preventer/shut off & if so, where it is, and there was a light switch in the living room that we couldn't figure out what it went to.

I emailed my broker & told him I definitely want this house so he said he would order the appraisal & now, I've just got to find some property insurance.

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