Sunday, October 4, 2009

States Exploration: Assignment 3: My Part of the State

Do you live in a county or a parish or does it go by another name?: I live in a county.

Name of the county you’re in and surrounding counties: I live in Denton County. The surrounding counties are: Cooke, Grayson, Collin, Dallas, Tarrent, & Wise Counties.

How many counties total are there in your state?: There are 254 counties in TX.

The state capital is in which county? The capital, Austin, is not in Austin County like one would think but, instead, it is located in Travis County.

Post a picture of your country courthouse: I'm not going to do this because my county court house is quite a drive away & I only go up there if I have to. Since I have no other reason to drive to that town right now I don't want to waste gas going up there...sorry...trying to be more frugal.

Post a picture map showing your state’s counties:

How close is the next town/city from yours?: Most of the towns in my area are pretty much on top of each other.

What is the population of your city/town? There are approximately 101,624 people in my town...however I am planning on moving to a nearby town in about a month that has about 20,773. Ah, that is so much better. Personally, I would live to live in a place of less than 1000 but this will be much better regardless. I'll feel like I can breath at least.

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