Sunday, October 4, 2009

States Exploration: Assignment 1: Bordering States

How many states border your state?: 4

Which ones are they?:
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, & Louisiana

Have you ever been to any of them?:
I've been to all of them multiple times.

Was there a reason you visited or are they close enough you visit often?:
Usually trips to Louisiana & New Mexico were driving through on vacations. Same with Oklahoma except we use to have our family reunions up there. With Arkansas, I went to college in Fayetteville & I have family who live there too. I go with my family quite often to Little Rock to a fantastic dinner theater there (Murry's Dinner Playhouse). We have a mini-family reunion (almost every summer) in northern Arkansas & stay in a cabin & trout fish on the White River. I grew up near Texarkana which is a city that is half in Arkansas & half in Texas so I use to go there all the time just to go out to eat or shopping or to visit someone in the hospital or to go to college when I was in x-ray school. I will be going back to AR in a few weeks for our Thanksgiving family reunion & I can't wait!

Of the ones you have visited which is your favorite?:

Bonus Question (do not look this question up on the web and don’t look at a map. Just guess!) – Which two states have the most bordering states?: I have no idea...I'll have to look it up...anyone want to take a guess?....I'm not going to tell'll have to look it up too....hehe. :D

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