Monday, June 22, 2009

Website: "How You Can Stop the EPA from Enforcing Global Warming Regulation"

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How You Can Help Stop the EPA from Enforcing Global Warming Regulation

The Environmental Protection Agency is trying to enact harmful regulations on
carbon dioxide.

Intended to fight global warming, these new rules would hurt ordinary Americans,
constrain the economy and impose vast quantities of red

Your Support Can Make a Difference
EPA's Greenhouse Gas Finding Endangers U.S. Economy
Costs and Red Tape for Ordinary Americans
Lost Jobs
Negative Impact on Businesses
Reduced International Competitiveness

Voice your opposition to the EPA declaring carbon dioxide a
greenhouse gas and harmful to humans' health:

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Visit to sign the petition. You have until tomorrow (6/23/09) to sign. President Obama sent me an email today asking all Americans to get involved/volunteer/help their community. Well, here's one way I will.

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