Monday, June 22, 2009

Nutrition: "Nutrtion in a Nutshell"

Good Nutrition in a Nutshell


Inspired by the book What the Bible Says About Healthy Living (I only wish that I had come up with them myself!), here are the principles that I claim as my nutritional foundation:

1. Eat only those things that were created for food.
Anything that is created or greatly altered by men was likely not intended by our loving Creator to nourish and sustain our bodies.
2. Eat foods as close to the way they were created as possible.
3. Do not let any food become your idol.
examples of putting our desires and cravings for a particular food above our desire to use self-control and honor God with the way that we eat. I have also noticed in my life times when I allowed my "need" for something (a comfort food or a caffeine fix) to override my need to go before God and receive His strength and mercy instead. This is another less obvious, but equally serious, example of idolatry in our lives.
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These are good guidelines to follow. However, I struggle with everyone of them. I'm not a huge advocate for organic or raw living but I do think it is probably healthier to limit the amount of man altered foods in our diet.

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