Saturday, June 13, 2009

Movie Review: Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost starring Will Farrell, Anna Friel, Danny McBride, & Jorma Taccone is based on the popular 1970's classic TV show. Having never really seen the TV show myself, I can't really tell you how closely it resembled the show but I did over hear another viewer as I was leaving the theater that said it was just like the TV show.

This is a quite entertaining movie & had me laughing several times. However, be warned, this is classic Will Farrell humor so you may want to rethink bringing the kids even though I know that is the crowd he attracks. Having said that, this is far from the terrible crassness exhibited in Step Brothers.

I would suggest this being a rental over seeing in the theater but ther were a couple of occasions that actually made me jump in my seat, something you rarely get when watching on a smaller, if you have one of those exteemely cool wall size TVs....well, then...invite me over...I'll make popcorn. :)

Just remeber, like I said Will Farrell tends to attract those typically annoying 13 & 14 year old boys, so if you are avoiding that crowd, you may want to skip this one. It is quite funny but I'll probably not ever care to see it again &, in case you do miss it, don't worry, your social status will not be destroyed...unless of course you are a 13 - 14 yr old that case, you probably aren't reading this. :)

I give this film a B- or maybe a C+ but only as a one time viewing.


jinxxxygirl said...

Sigh.......I just don't have much of a funny bone.....And when i do its not for Will Farrel's sense of humor. Jinx!

kris_tea said...

Jinx, I'm not a huge fan of Will Farrell, either. I mean, I find him hilarious in small doses but I just don't understand the whole "dirty" humor ALL the time. I did quite enjoy him in Elf, though, & some of his bits on SNL. But, he really is a bit too nasty at times. :P