Monday, June 15, 2009

"Bad Education: Teacher claims he was fired for being too conservative"

For some reason I am having trouble embedding this video so click the link below to watch it. Watch it & tell me what you think.


raphnexx said...

oh common,education should be unbiased of socio-political belief.

kris_tea said...


I'm not sure if you are in agreement or against the teacher being fired. I would think you were saying that the teacher was fired unfairly since even though he didn't shy away from sharing his beliefs, he also did not discriminate against those who did not share his political stance.

I do agree to a point, however, it is impossible to teach without a few of your values & opinions leaking out every once in a while. The important thing in teaching, though, it to not base your grading system on whether the student agrees with your opinion or not. In classes like history, math, science, this usually isn't an issue, but in classes like art & writing, I assume this is close to impossible. However, there are some lessons in both history & science that are on the fence & depending on your political views, you may teach them differently. For example, many liberals take global warming or evolution as a fact & teach it that way, while nothing has been solidly proven regarding that issue. At the same time, many conservatives may teach the opposite. I guess with these debatable issues, it is best to teach them as "this is what some people believe & this is what others believe" & then let the students decide for themselves.