Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random Video: Kettlebell Workout Clips

Please don't judge me too harshly, this is only my 3rd or 4th time at doing this. :)

Trboh (aka Terry; sorry I spelled your name wrong in the video; hope you don't mind me mentioning you): or


jinxxxygirl said...

Yeah ! Go girl! I do have a question i probably should have asked Terry a long time ago. LOL! What makes Kettle bells better than say just traditional handweights? I use 5 and 10 pound hand weights. Now to me just watching it seems you get alot of help lifting it from momentum. Don't you lose some of the effectiveness of it because of that. With the regular weights i don't have momentum helping me get it up. Now, that you use kettlebells i'd love to know what you think.Jinx
PS. LOVE your little 'lion' !

kris_tea said...

I think the deal with kettlebells are the convenient shape. You can treat it as a weight or as a medicine ball. You do get "help" with the momentum but apparently that is part of it because you have to control the weight so you are working not only your upper body but your abs with the control & your legs/butt area for momentum. It was actually created by the Russian army to work their "power house" muscles (abs/butt/legs).

I would definitely talk to Terry about it though, he is the "expert."

He is cute, isn't he? hehe

jinxxxygirl said...

Darn girl he is cute, hehe bald head and all. :)