Thursday, March 12, 2009

Politics: "Exclusive: Pro-Life Group To Target Members of Congress"

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Exclusive: Pro-Life Group To Target Members of Congress

The Brody File has learned that the Susan B. Anthony List, a major national pro-life group, will begin an aggressive, new pro-active project that will target members of Congress who are not representing their pro-life districts properly.

"Votes do have consequence and this project is going to make sure we are not always on the defensive. We're going into districts where individuals are vulnerable and we're just going to make sure people know how these individuals have voted and what their record is."

"We're going to be assertive. We're going to be agressive and this is a new day in politics for the pro-life movement."

The Susan B. Anthony List will be targeting certain members of Congress who are out of step with their district on the life issue.
They believe the issue needs to be addressed right away because pro-life groups have all too often taken a back seat approach to getting involved early in congressional races.
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There is a great video on the site.

I think this is a great idea for any political stance you have. It is important to know how your elected officials are voting & how the ones that may run for higher office are voting. And many, myself included, usually don't hear about how our specific Senator or Representative votes. I'm sure that info is out there but I'm not really sure where.

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