Thursday, March 19, 2009

Politics: Missouri's description of a "possible terrorist"

Wahoo! I'm on a roll today, ain't I? hehe

Well, buckle up, because I am about to reveal the scariest yet. And, surprisingly enough it didn't come from the White House. I know! Crazy!


Missouri police given chilling instructions

Police in Missouri apparently are being instructed to keep on eye on conservatives.
According to this AP article the government of the state of Missouri has issued a report "informing" state police that people with third party bumper stickers on their cars or who believe the NAFTA superhighway is an attempt create a North American Union are subversive members of paramilitary militias and potential terrorists.
The Missouri Information Analysis Center (a division of the state police) has compiled an enemies list of warning signs for state police officers, signs that are supposed to help them determine potential terrorists. Such signs include Ron Paul bumper stickers, or "Right to Carry" handgun stickers (I have to wonder: does it include Support Your Local Police stickers, too?) and our friendly state troopers are warned to proceed with extreme caution against such radicals.
Don`t believe me? See for yourself. (pdf-sorry.)

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Who is being targeted in this report? The state police are warned that Christians, "sovereign citizens", those opposed to abortion, tax revisionists, and anti-illegal immigrant advocates are potential would-be terrorists.
Oh, and you better not fly your flag upside down; that was given as another example of something a terrorist would do.
Were this an isolated incident, it would be easy to dismiss. But couple this with some other politically motivated incidents, such as Barack Obama`s "truth squad" in which he encouraged the prosecution of people who protested him too aggressively
along with Obama`s proposal for a national militia trained and funded like one of the branches of the military, and you have a very disturbing trend here.
It seems that there are some in this state who have no problem using the force of law to repress their enemies.
How long before we see this nationwide?
Where is the ACLU?
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So, basically, if you disagree from liberals you are now labeled a "possible terrorist," or at least in Missouri?

I believe I just saw a few pieces of the Constitution fly out the window.

(Actually, I was under the impression that flying the American flag upside down was a military sign of distress.)

My, how things have changed in a few short years!

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