Sunday, January 25, 2009

Movie Review: Inkheart

Inkheart is based on a children's novel, originally entitled Tintenherz & the first book in the Inkworld trilogy, that I have now added to my must read list. This movie was fabulous. Not only is it completely safe for the entire family, but it leaves you earnestly hoping that the fairytale dimensions we read about are really true. I instantly wanted to run home & write a wonderfully imaginative novel about fairies, water nymphs, witches, dragons, fair madiens, & handsom heroes.

Although this movie is made mainly for children, adults will love it too. And, what woman doesn't enjoy watching Paul Bettany twirl fire without a shirt on. Hehe.

This movie will win no awards but I give it an A+ & insist that you go see it right away. :)


jinxxxygirl said...

HI Again!

I want to see this movie too! I'm a little worried since i haven't been impressed with whats his names last two movies......God i can't think of his name! Anyway he made the mummy movies and Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D. You know who i mean!? But the previews do look good. I have so many movies to go see. Did you see Benjamin Button?? OMGosh girl you gotta if you haven't . I think its Brad Pitts best movie ever!!! I hope he gets an award! The movie was brilliant and beautiful! Long though . 3 hours but really it didn't feel that long. Gotta go! Jinx

kris_tea said...

Brendan Fraser. I love him. I think he has really come far since "Encino Man." I haven't seen Journey to the Center of the Earth yet but I've heard it was actually quite good. The latest Mummy movie did suck quite a bit. Regardless of some of his choices in movies, I think he is a fabulous actor.

No, I haven't seen Benjamin Button yet. I'm really not sure if I will, I probably will one of these days just because of the hoopla, but it really, really doesn't look like the kind of movie I would enjoy at all. Heck I might just watch it to see if it is as bad as it looks to me. It could be fun to tear the movie apart here. I'm sure many people would hate me & boycott my blog afterwards. hehe. My sis saw it & she said it was okay, though & we usually agree on most films but still I'm not sure if I'll take the plunge. Hehe Thanks for the suggestion anyway. :)