Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burger King vs. Subway...correction it is Dominoes vs. Subway

I find this quite hilarious. Apparently, Burger King (correction, Dominoes, thanks Jordan) made a claim that their sandwiches beat Subway's 2-1 in a national taste test. This did not sit well with Subway so they sent a letter to Burger King (Dominoes) asking them to remove the commercials.

Here was Burger King's (Dominoes') response:

To read the article I got this from click here.

Jordan, pointed out the fact that it was Dominoes not Burger King that made the claim. Sorry for the mistake. Oops. :)


jordan said...

You mean Domino's, not BK? Hehe. I'm sure people did like them better, they look like they're covered in cheese. Haha...but who knows how many calories are in those things.

kris_tea said...

LOL Thanks for pointing that out, Jordan. I'll fix it. Hehe

I know I would love them. I must never try one or I'll want them all the time. Some foods, for me, are just like meth for some people. One taste & I'm addicted.

I just thought it was hilarious what the CEO guy did. LOL

jinxxxygirl said...

That is SSSOOO funny! But ofcourse taste is not the reason i eat Subway. If it was all taste i'm sure i could go many places and get a better tasting sandwich but i use Subway as a healthier alternative not because its slathered in cheese! LOL! Thanks for the laugh! Jinx!