Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weight Loss Vlogs: The Next Step: Update #2

Just an update.

For the passages of the Bible I refer to, see Romans 8:1-14.


jinxxxygirl said...

So nice to see a video from you Kristea! Missed you! You just hang in there. You should have thrown the rest of that cheese cake in the trash or donated it to your neighbor if you know them. LOL! But its gone now.The fact that you got yourself out the door for that walk is terriffic! You DO have willpower! You know it, i know it and anyone who knows you or has been followning your weightloss journey knows it. It will all come together for you one step at a time. This is a life journey and hopefully a long life. Your gonna have ups and downs. Its not all smooth sailing. Just be good to you and it will all come together. Good to hear from you. Jinx!

kris_tea said...

Thanks. I ended up taking the rest to work that night. So it is gone now. It was a nice treat though while it lasted. I haven't had much of that devilishly delicious stuff in the last year & a half. :)