Wednesday, September 16, 2009

States Exploration: Assignment 1

So this is from a blogger I've just recently started reading. This is a project that she does with her children (she homeschools) & has opened it up for anyone to be involved. So, since you're never too old to learn it goes.

Name of your state: Texas

How long have you lived there?: 29 years, with 2 years living in a dorm in Arkansas while at college but my permanent address was Texas, so that still counts, right? :)

Area of the country your state is in: I would say south but most maps say southwest. So, whatever.

What are some things your state is known for? Cowboys, rodeos, The Alamo, The Bush's (W & H.W.), longhorn cattle, horses,....

Which season do you like the best about your state?: Fall. You finally get a break from the terrible heat (even though this year hasn't been that bad & by today's weather, it seems fall has come complaints here)

What are some of the things you dislike?: The heat, the crowds & traffic of the big cities, the allergies I see to have now that I live near Dallas, mosquito, humidity, dust, the assumption that if you are from Texas you must like country music & wear cowboy boots & hats (I'm rock & roll, enough said), I have a love/hate relationship to our accent (it's enduring but sometimes people think you are not intelligent because of it)

If you have ever lived anywhere else, what differences have you noticed?: weather, accents, different words used to describe the same item. For example, when I moved to Arkansas, I told my friend to get a buggy, she laughed & said they call it a cart. Another time, I told my friend to go set something on the bar & she spent about 10 min looking for a wet bar when I actually meant the counter in our kitchen. LOL Loved that story. Poor Catholic girl staying in the house of a Southern Baptist family. LOL

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Jacque Dixon said...

Thanks for joining us! :) I enjoyed reading your answers!

Have a great week!

kris_tea said...

Thanks, Jacque, this is fun.