Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adventures in Homebuying: An offer they can't refuse...I hope

Well, I made an offer on a house. It is a bit smaller than what I wanted, particularly the kitchen, but there is so many benefits to this house that everything balanced out.

My sister & I met with my realtor Thursday morning. We toured 4 houses & this particular one happened to be the first & the cheapest we looked at, however it was the one that would need the least amount of work. After touring all 4 houses, I called my dad & asked if he could come out & look at the house on Saturday. He & mom walked though the house with me on Saturday morning. They were both very impressed & I decided to make an offer. So now it is just a waiting game. I hope I know in the next couple of days because I have to give 60 days notice to my apartment.

So, here are the some of the pluses of this house:
  • big, beautiful back yard...I'm not kidding this yard is to die for
  • raised planters perfect for the garden I have been wanting for 5 years
  • huge tool shed in the back
  • absolutely nothing needs to be done in order to move in
  • garage with tons of built in storage
  • the price was perfect

The kitchen is a bit smaller than what I would love but it is still nice & all the large appliances are pretty new & clean as opposed to the ones I have in my apartment which are older than me & were filthy when I moved in & still are quite terrible no matter how much time I have spent scrubbing them. The closets aren't huge but there are three bedroom closets & it is just me so I think I'll manage. :) The only other thing that my dad noticed was the AC unit is getting a bit old but even if I have to spend $5000 in the next few years it still wouldn't be the cost of the other houses I looked at that needed several thousands of dollars of work just to bring the house up to being able to move in.

This house is a bit small but is just fine for me, even if I get married & have a baby. Now if I do have a kid one of these days I'll want to look for a bigger house but for now, I don't need any more space to clean. :)

I'll have plenty of room for Rock Band parties & Bible studys. I've wanted to have a Halloween party for years but never felt comfortable having one in my apartment. Now, I'll have a place of my own for one. :) Unfortunately, I won't have the house for this year's Halloween but maybe next year. :D

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