Monday, September 7, 2009

"The Opinion Of Women"

I have really been enjoying reading this young lady's blog. She is so wise despite being only 18.

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The Opinion Of Women

Woman as inferior beings (Inferior meaning more like an animal than a person) is from the Greek mindset. The Hebrews revered women as precious delicate vessels. The woman took an active part in the community and religious life.

Much of the misunderstanding of Paul’s writing is because of the lack of Hebrew understanding. Some of his teaching were against female domination from Greco-Roman paganism (temple prostitutes and female gods) not from women in general.

We all know of the woman who is priced far above rubies, pearls, diamonds. If you gave a man diamond how well do you think he’d take care of it? If he doesn’t take care of it as it should be then he will have to answer to Yehovah for not being a good steward of the blessings he was given.
I’m finding that a majority of believers not only don’t know the WORD well-enough, but aren’t too keen are the character of Yehovah either.
How does one go from “far above rubies” to “treated like cattle”?
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