Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New ways to subscribe

I just added Feedburner to my blog. If you have subscribed to me in the past through a reader, please resubscribe using the RSS link on the left. Sorry for the inconvenience but I want to see how many people read this blog & I want to count you too. :)

Ok, for those of you who think I may have gone completely nuts or have started speaking or writing in tongues, aka, those of you who I usually email, don't worry about that above, but here are your directions. If you want to continue to be updated when I post something new here, there is a box on the left that asks for you to put your email in it. If you do that, it will automatically email you when I've updated. You will receive an email with a link. Click that link & that will confirm that you did subscribe to my blog & that's it. The next time I post something, you will get an email & I will no longer have to send out those annoying emails to you. If you still can't figure it out, email me & I'll try to explain it better.

Thanks everyone. :)

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