Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travel: Buffalo National River

Traveler's Checklist: Buffalo National River

Canoeing on the Buffalo River.

The Buffalo National River in northern Arkansas features over 100 miles of free-flowing river, massive sandstone and limestone bluffs, and excellent opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities in a scenic setting. Here are some suggestions to help you plan a visit.

Download a map and a copy of the park's Currents newspaper. This is a long, linear park, and only a few roads parallel or cross the river, so good information will make it a lot easier to find your way around.

There are 22 river access points along nearly 100 miles of navigable waters, but confirm water levels before your trip.
In general, spring and early summer offer the best floating conditions.
The park's FAQ page include some good tips.

Enjoy the scenery. Although there are few roads in the park itself, the surrounding area offers some fine scenery, and this section of the Ozarks is especially appealing in the spring and fall.

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