Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins"

Interesting...not really sure about the validity but it is still kind of interesting.

clipped from flowingdata.com

Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins

Geographers from Kansas State University map the spatial distribution of the seven deadly sins in the United States. These types of maps are always kind of iffy as they draw from data from various sources gathered with different methods and usually use some kind of researcher-defined metric. Still interesting though... right?

Maps of the Seven Deadly Sins
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jinxxxygirl said...

Kristea i just wanted to tell you what a great job i think you do on your blog. Its always so interesting and you still manage to keep us updated on your weightloss/exercise efforts too. I know you don't think you put enough into it but i just wanted you to know i really enjoy your very eccletic blog!

I think as a society we are so quick to point out any wrong doing, or if we've been offended, given poor service and so slow to point out everything that is right. Anyway i just wanted to take the time to tell you i think you are doing a good job on the blog! And i enjoy your posts very much. Jinx!

kris_tea said...


That means a lot coming from you since I know we don't exactly agree on some things, especially politically. I know I should make it one topic but this is my blog & it is all about me & I'm not one dimensional. :D

Maybe, one day I'll finally decide on one topic & start a completely different blog.