Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our President reaches new lows

In case you haven't heard, Obama is now asking citizens to report anyone who disagrees with his idea of health care to the White House. Whether it be in the form of emails, blogs, web sites, or casual conversation, you can now be reported to the White House by some tattle-tale.

Geeze people, really, how old are we?

Not only is his idea of health care ridiculous but now he has decided to take away our freedom of speech, press, & protest. It has only been a few months since he has taken office & already he has began to act like a socialist dictator. I'm scared to death to see what this country will look like at the end of this year. Can you imagine what it will look like at the end of his ruling...that is if he decided to relinquish it.

Maybe I should report myself. :)

Here are a couple of articles that discuss what I am talking about but much better than I do.

Go Ahead and Report Me -- I'll Shout Louder

White House Website Asking for Informants on Anti-Healthcare Advocates

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