Thursday, August 20, 2009

Economic & Social Ideologies: Intro.

I hear, & occasionally use myself, words like “Socialism” & “Communism.” To be honest, I did do some research on those two words a few years ago because I heard people use them interchangeably & I wasn’t really sure if they meant exactly the same thing so I do know there is a slight difference. However, I want to know a little more about them plus others.

When I started my “Forms of Government” series I thought about adding “Socialism” & “Communism” to the series but the more I researched them, I found that they don’t fit exactly into the category as a “form of government.” Yes, they are forms of government but they are also economic & social ideologies.

Most countries follow one of the forms of government I mentioned in my series & also follow another economic & social system. For example, here in American we follow a Constitutional Republic with a Capitalistic economic system.

There a many different types of social & economic ideologies but essentially most of them can be categorized into one or more of the three main forms: Communism, Socialism, & Capitalism. And, those are the three main systems I am going to cover in this series.

I wanted to add, Fascism, Leninism, Nazism, Marxism & others but soon the list grew out of hand &, really, many of these are just different forms of each other & not fundamentally different. So, I decided to keep it simple & just go after the 3 major categories.

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