Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forms of Government

I've decided to do a bit of research (because I'm that kind of nerd) on the main forms of government around the world. I will be posting a series of entries based on what I find. Don't expect much, this isn't an exhaustive study. More of a quick Wikipedia or search on these types of rule. My entries will be short. Just a basic over view. I may expand later on certain topics but for now, I just want to be general.

With all that is going on in our country & world today, maybe it is time to understand where we came from, where we are, & where we may be headed. I've never been big into politics but over the past year, starting with last year's Presidential election & the extreme moral decline of our nation that is becoming more & more evident every day, I have become greatly interested in politics & a desire to learn more about what is happening today & what has lead to this decay.

Here are the types of government I plan on addressing:
After that, I would like to cover a couple of other ideologies including:
And, after that, I plan on covering the main political parties in America (there are way more but these are the top 5, I'll list & link to some of the other parties just because some of them are so hilarious like the Marijuana party...LOL):

I get into debates & hear others arguing quite often & I am struck by how ignorant some of these people are & no matter how passionate they may be of their beliefs, their arguments are ineffective due to their lack of knowledge &/or skills of debate. I'm not saying these people are not intelligent people, they either just don't know how to debate effectively or have not gathered the facts. I have even fallen into this trap myself before. I may be right but because I haven't studied the topic, I actually do more harm to my side because I appear as an ignorant fool. This goes for any area that you may debate whether it is politics, religion, food, movies, interior decorating, whatever topic you enjoy. So, here is a bit of my attempt to learn more. It may be very elementary but one can't run a marathon if one has never even walked. I guess this will be my Couch-to-5K of politics. :)

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