Thursday, May 20, 2010

Somewhat of an update :)

I know, I know, more articles not written by Kristy. Sorry. I do plan on getting back into writing soon but I'm dealing with a lot right now:
  1. I'm finishing up "remodeling" my bathroom. Last Saturday, my sis & bro-in-law came over & helped me remove the icky wallpaper & paint it a pretty blue. Yesterday, I sectioned off parts of the walls & started putting a faux finish to look like linen. I got every other section done & was going to finish it tonight so that when my parents come tomorrow night, my dad could help me get my toilet back together (I had to take the tank off to get to some of the more difficult areas), rehang my mirror, remove the cooshy toilet seat & install my new normal seat (I am going to miss that less icy seat but the thing is just hideous), rehang my above the toilet cabinet, rehang my blinds, & help me hook up my new light (super cute by the way, my sis picked it out...way to go sis!); however, I ran out of glaze on the first panel tonight, so now I have to stop & get some more tomorrow & hope to get at least two of the major panels done tomorrow before my parents get here. I still need to get new towel holders, a faucet, drawer pulls, toilet paper holder, floor mat, & I want to get some prettier/girlier curtains, maybe an embroidered shear. I'm also wanting to "frame" my mirror with crown molding, but that can wait a bit.
  2. I'm seriously struggling with my weight/diet/exercise. Sadly, I have gained much of my weight back. In fact, I should have a baby now for as much as I have gained in the last 9 months. :P I even woke up this morning about 45 min early in a panic about my weight gain/lack of discipline. I could make excuses all day but when it comes down to it, I'm out of control. Romans 7:19-20 were written perfectly for me. I quit 24 Hr Fitness & joined LA Fitness with my friend Brandie so that should help. It also doesn't help that I have gotten a bit lax on my Bible study/reading as well.
  3. I've also gotten addicted to blog reading, particularly Christian apologetics, theology, & eschatology; political; & housekeeping/family blogs. To the point that I don't eve read many of them & the ones I do, I just skim through too fast to pay attention. So by the time I catch up (if I ever do) I'm too tired or can't think straight on what to say in my own. I need to purge/trim down.

Having said all that, the next post will be a couple of articles that I recently read & found interesting & wanted to share them.

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