Friday, May 28, 2010

Article Link: "What does future hold for medical field?"

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What does future hold for medical field?
DoctorA Christian medical leader says the current culture governed by business and government interests instead of patient interest has him deeply concerned about the climate of the medical profession.
Some medical experts predict severe doctor shortages, especially with the passage of healthcare reform legislation. But Dr. Gene Rudd, senior vice president of the Christian Medical Association (CMA), tells OneNewsNow there is already a critical doctor shortage in certain areas of healthcare. In his field of obstetrics and gynecology, for example, the deficiency is desperate because of the climate.
"Not only is there lots of litigation, there's also this fear that doctors in training are being forced to do abortions as part of their training," he laments.

The CMA senior vice president adds that two aspects have fostered a change in the culture of medicine: business and government interests, and the devaluing of human life.

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