Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Article: "Cultural Marxism in Education: The Gathering Revolt"

Cultural Marxism in Education: The Gathering Revolt

For decades now, American schools corrupted by cultural Marxism have been eroding the moral fiber and judgment skills of schoolchildren. Unless sensible parents and teachers put a stop to the indoctrination, today's free speech-crippling political correctness, tolerance of immorality, and lack of knowledge of our country's birth will continue to grow until America is no more.
traditional values must be obliterated in order to free "oppressed" social groups, called for eliminating social decorum and glorifying perverse behavior in order to destroy the Western middle class and collapse society from within.
control social discourse on culture, politics, and economics and hush debate
demonizing people who question progressive wisdom
unacceptable to criticize any manner of sexual behavior
urged people to engage in "perversions" to soften the sting of capitalism's alleged enslavement.
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Great article

Amazing how much has changed since I was in school just 12 yrs ago. Very sad. One reason I'll be homeschooling if & when I have children. I will teach them the truth & they will love this country. But most importantly, they will learn & learn to be independent.

"Cheating is now called cooperative learning"?! I remember "cooperative learning." We called it group projects or group work. Essentially it composed of me doing all the work for the lazy people who didn't care what grade they got. I think now days we call that socialism, or what many want to now adopt as the "American way."

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