Sunday, April 25, 2010

Article Link: "Social Studies Update: Professor Neil Armstrong & Alexander Graham Bell Out, Pro-Abortion Group (NOW) In" (TEXAS)

Social Studies Update: Professor Wants Neil Armstrong & Alexander Graham Bell Out, Pro-Abortion Group (NOW) In

Click here for a link to Professor Jesus F. de la Teja’s review and recommendations for the SBOE, on the social studies standards. He recommends removing Neil Armstrong, Alexander Graham Bell, and the Texas Rangers by name, completely. He also recommends removing Columbus from one section. De la Teja Review Current Social Studies TEKS[1]

Liberty Institute has compiled a condensed list of approved social studies standards for study. Among those:
Historical Figures: Neil Armstrong, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Columbus
  • Alamo Heroes: All 189 heroes who died at Alamo. including contributions of Texians and Tejanos
  • Important Concepts: “American Exceptionalism”
  • Contributions of Founding Fathers: John Hancock, John Jay, John Witherspoon, others
  • Thomas Jefferson:
  • BC/AD: SBOE members approved correct dating system, some teachers tried to change it to BCE/CE.
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