Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Day Book: 1/27/10

I got this from young lady's blog at "A City On A Hill" & thought it was a cute idea & wanted to do it myself. I loved her title, A Young Maiden's Day Book, but didn't want to use the same title because that would be stealing, plus, I'm not really that "young" anymore.

Today: Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010...getting ready to watch the State of the Union Address. Boring but I feel like yelling at my TV tonight.

Outside my window: It's dark, so I'm too scared that if I look outside, I might see the boogey man.

I am thinking: I wish I could find my glasses.

I am thankful: (1)For my growing passion for my Lord & Savior & for my new interest in apologetics & Bible prophecy. (2) My amazing family, I love more than I could ever attempt to describe. (3) My growing number & diversity of friends. Especially, the my growing number of "close" friends. (4) My new house & garden (can't wait for spring to get my hands in the dirt).

I am wearing: Gray sweat pants, a gray & black striped long sleeve shirt, house slippers. I know, sexy. Hey, I'm going for comfort here. :D

I am reading: I am listening to the Left Behind series on my iPod & I'm addicted. I am also reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I recently got Systemic Theology by Wayne Grudem & I want to start studying it while going through the podcast of the same name & by the same guy, after I finish a Bible study podcast studying the prophecies in Daniel & Revelations by Gayle Evers. And, of course, my Bible. I just got a new one (The Apologetics Study Bible) but I'm not going to start on it until I finish reading the one I have now from cover to cover (I've got about a bit more of the NT to finish then I've got a couple of more books in the OT to go back & finish...I should be finished sometime this summer or before).

I am creating: I'm usually creating a mess, but I'm working on creating a warm, welcoming home where people will feel comfortable hanging out & fellowshiping.

One of my favorite things: My drive every morning to work. I live pretty much in the city but I have found an alternative route to work in the mornings that takes me through some country-like areas. The speed limit is 35 mph (except for the short 20 mph school zone) & I never speed on purpose. I set my cruise control & roll along, despite the fact I am usually running a bit late. Driving this speed, with little traffic, through the country has a very calming effect. It is lovely. God's artistry in the sunrises are also incredible & quite enjoyable every morning, plus, unless you were confused, they are made especially for me by Him. ;)

For education this week: I'm working my way through the Daniel & Revelations bible study I mentioned above...& trying to keep up with current events & politics & news.

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning: I baked bread on Sunday & I'm getting quite good if I do say so myself. I'm working on my cooking skills & trying to keep, at least the main areas, clean, or at least somewhat presentable.

A spiritual lesson I’m learning: Patience...always...Will I ever complete this one?! ;) Also, faith & trust, but those all three kind of go hand in hand, don't they?

A godly character trait I plan to work on: Trust, wisdom, & discernment.

Scripture I am memorizing: I've got a huge list I started making this week of verses I want to start working on memorizing. However, the one that is running through my head over & over lately is Ps. 37:4.
Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

I’m praying for: Wisdom & God's supernatural patience (I make sure to ask for his patience & not my own because I'm not willing to go through what it takes to make "patience"). I've also been praying even more fervently lately for a husband. Not just any husband, but a God-approved husband. I have WAY more "requirements," but "God-approved" is the best adjective I can come up with to save on time.

For the rest of the week: Two more days of work, maybe a Rock Band party this weekend (maybe not, I haven't really planed on one so maybe next week, maybe a movie night with some of my closer gal pals), church on Sat night, I'll try another church on Sunday (I love my church on Saturdays but I would like to find one closer to my house on Sundays so I could get to know some of the people in the town I now live in), & I am starting a new Bible study on Sunday with people I've never met. At least that is the plan. However, those plans can change at any moment now that one of my best friends is about to go into labor any day now. When she does, I may have to go keep her little girl until the in-laws can get to town to take care of her. Hehe

A picture I’d like to share: The first picture is a pic of a Grilled Chicken Pesto Pizza with Feta Cheese & Red Bell Peppers I made last week that was to die for & the second is a pic of the bread I made Sunday.


Veiled Glory said...

Hi Kristi! Just checking in on ya and seeing how you are doing ~ miss you on YT but see that you are rather busy doing useful things. :-)

Hugs~ Anna

kris_tea said...

Hey Anna! I've been such a slacker, I know. I need to get back on YT & back into exercise. I started back at that last one this week.:) Yeah, I've been busy & stressed to the max.